Why daddy why

by jamie baldwin   Jun 18, 2016

Every now and then i look up at the sky,
and ask my dad why'd he have to die?
its been almost 11 years since he went away,
I'll never forget that phone call we received that day.
the tone in my moms voice as she made a reply,
a chill ran through me and we both began to cry.
a terrible accident had occurred and they believed it was my dad,
unsure for the moment inside i knew and it hurt so bad.
a thousand bricks at once hit my heart,
what to think i didn't even know were to start.
so badly i wanted to wake up in my bed,
but it was reality my daddy was dead.
were did i go from there,
in my eyes life there on out wasn't fair.
as daddy's little girl i had to make him proud of me,
everything i did or cared about would no longer be.
the straight A's, my sports, and even the pride i had,
it all disappeared the day i lost my dad.
up until this day a different way i wish i could've dealt,
but no one knew how i truly felt.
in my heart ill always be empty and alone,
never again will i see my dad and for this it was known.
rest in peace daddy i will always miss you


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