A Thought Experiment

by Alex Penuelas   Mar 23, 2017

H3r3 !$ @ p0£m
0f @ d1ff3r3n+ k1nd,
@ p03m, wh3n r3@D,
Pl@y$ ?1+h ¥0ur m1nd.

Th1s 1s a m3n+@l +3$t,
@ th0ugh7 €xp3r!m3n+ 0f $or+s,
¥3t, @lm0st m@g1c@77y,
¥0ur m1nd +r@n $f0rms +h3$3
M3an1ngl3$$ $¥mb0l$
1nto words.

Even if I were to
Mvoe aornud the smyobls,
You wuold sitll be albe to
Cmorphend waht it is
Taht I am tyrnig to say.

As lnog as the
Frist and lsat lterts
Rmeian the smae,
Yuor mnid wlil cnoitue to paly
A smiliar gmae.

Alright, I'll stop with the
Riddles and rhymes,
But remember that it is so simple
+0 m3$$ wt1h ¥u0r mn1d.


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