"You Don't Look Mexican"

by Alex Penuelas   May 18, 2017

"You don't look Mexican"

so am I
supposed to be
dressed up with
a sombrero,
a poncho,
a big old Zapata mustache,
wear long leather boots
and a leather belt
with a big ass buckle
of Vicente Fernandez,
and bring out my
acoustic guitar so I can
play la raspa for you?

Or how about
I dress up
with a
white polo t-shirt that's
Three times my size
so it looks like
one of those
bro rompers,
some baggy Dockers shorts,
knee high socks,
some black chucks,
and a blue bandana over my head, Holmes?

Would you like that better esé?

How about I bring out
My blue Dodgers jersey,
Put tear tattoos on my face,
Have an image of la Virgen Maria
On the hood of my low-rider,
As I bump banda and recodos
As I'm travelling with my
Gang-banger friends
To the local barber shop,
So we can all get the
Same damn shave?

Sorry, sweetheart,
But just because I am Mexican
Does not mean that I will
Fit in the stereotypical roles
That society thinks
That I should be in.

I'm not a statistic.
I'm me.

"Wow I'm wrong. You sound more white than Mexican"

Oh joyous day!
I bet you were
Anticipating me to
Respond to you with
Broken English?

Oh joyous day!
It's not like my
educational endeavors
led me to
facilitate a vernacular
that allows me to
use a larger repertoire
of the English language.

It's not like my
Passion for science and poetry
Fueled my desire to
Pursue a greater knowledge
For myself.

it totally has to
do with me
being white.


Apparently because
You don't think
That i can make it.


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Latest Comments

  • 3 years ago

    by BlueJay

    It's just because of where we live. Not all the world is like this, I promise.

    • 3 years ago

      by Alex Penuelas

      Oh no no I get that lol. I'm just tired of people seeing me as a statistic.