Memoirs Of The Mist (part 2)

by CJ Maleney   Sep 18, 2017

I know you are there!

I have eyes to see you, yet I cannot see past or through you.

I have ears to hear, yet you do not speak for you have not lips to form words.

My pulse and my own life force bounce back at me.
Fire fleck sparks in gold.

Yes! I know you are there.

You have not limbs or hands. You have not arms or legs.
Still you travel.

Do you remember me Mist?
Your promise? Your pact?


I remember you!
I came back one last time to visit you.

So so long ago!

That dark hour, that long walk, that alone!
But I wasn't alone, was I?

I am part of you? As you are part of me?


Did you think your presence was not felt?
Did you think that I did not feel or think?
Did you wonder why I walked so slow.
Head bowed! Lost and lonely?

Within the mist!

The weight of you crushing me.
The feel of you inside.

Your presence was felt and I could have ran.
I could have rejected you!
"Second eye to the side!

I Could have coughed every particle out.
I did not!

"I wanted your story"
All stories! From the beginning to the end!

My time is soon to be over!
My story complete.
Age will catch up with you also!
!one day!


Do you want the ending?

My story to its completion?

I will burn away in this life!
To reincarnate as something else!
I have the eye to the side.
I am not dark or light but the energy of kinetic you desire and will never have.

Do you want the story?

All the laughter, all the joy?
All the pain and sadness.
You have moisture and flowing form.


You will never fully understand the gravity
Of tears.

Do you really want my final chapter?

I am part of the Mist Of Time.
The lineage of eternity.

"I am son of Man"





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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    I'm commenting on part two to reflect both ... mysterious, dark and twisty ... I loved the darkness, the threat, the visuals it created.
    So clever .... really carried me away! X

    • 1 year ago

      by CJ Maleney

      Thank you.

      It's a little weird even by my standards but glad you enjoyed

      Craig x