Destined (not a poem just a little story)

by CJ Maleney   Feb 25, 2022

When I was 16 years old I took a part time job (lied about my age) in a local night club collecting glasses.

Things transpired and I ended up working there full time. As the most junior it was my role each day to go for the staff's sandwich order each day. Regardless of everyone's order mine always remained the same. Sliced egg on a big white bun smothered in salad creme. I always seemed to be served by the same girl.

This continued for a little while until I tried a couple of other jobs and eventually ended up on the railway. After a year or two I accepted a slight promotion and moved out to west cumbria in the role of a conductor.

The girl from the sandwich shop had also changed jobs and would be on my train on a regular basis as her home town was part of my route although we did not recognise each other.

Then I got bored with work and ended up in the army.

In 1996 I was deployed to Bosnia. Although I enjoyed the job down time was a little boring so a bunch of us wrote letters to our local news papers asking for people to write back. Many did and letters would be divided based upon interest.

Mine was footie and anything cumbria really.

So I got my pen friend and she was brilliant. Told me all about things going on back home and all the dismal stuff Carlisle can do to dissapoint.

So I spent months and months writing to this girl without actually meeting her.

Eventually we did meet, although she walked right passed me when she was leaving a pub as I was holding the door open for her and her friends.

I digress.

This all started in about 1989.

The girl in the sandwich shop was called Alison Carr.

The girl on the train was called Alison Carr.

My pen friend was called Alison Carr.

My lovely wife used to be called Alison Carr.

She is by God's or Cupid's design now

Alison Maleney.

We've had our ups and downs but my God we work together.

Don't believe in fate or destiny???

Never used to. I do now.

Craig out


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I loved reading this, Craig! Made me smile and I'm happy for you both. I don't particularly believe in fate and can be quite cynical at times, but have had a few things lately that were like, woah. When things just fit, and you can't necessarily explain. This was really inspiring to read, and I'm glad you shared a big part of your life's story with us :)

    • 11 months ago

      by CJ Maleney

      Thank you for you're lovely comment.

      I'm terribly cynical and very much say what I think. I do believe in things in my own way but often the hardships of life make me question even myself.

      The reason behind this write was that I was hundreds of miles from home. I thought how do we endure. Then jesus what were the chances of us meeting?

      Kinda happy with the way things transpired x

  • 11 months ago

    by The Fallen Angel

    Beautifully penned!! I love your story!!

  • 11 months ago

    by Everlasting

    I do. I have always believe in fate and destiny.
    My fate is to die one day. My destiny is to die one day. Haha ,however, I get to choose how.
    It seems that no matter what I choose, I am bound to get to that point. We are stuck in a circle. The possibilities are endless. So, I can try to walk all over the circle and extend my stay longer. It’s my choice. Or just go walk directly to my fate and destiny.

    I love your story. Thank you for sharing.

    But it feels good to breath. I’ll just explore the endless possibilities.

    • 11 months ago

      by CJ Maleney

      I've always viewed things with a certain inevitably. My end will be my end. Although I do not rush towards such it is however inevitable.

      Suppose while I am still here though it gives comfort to know somethings still will play out. Without logic or reason somethings just fall into place.