Cattle Anonymous

by Alice   Oct 27, 2017

PRE-POEM NOTE: This is a sarcastic poem about what I think Neitzsche would think of AA, and does not reflect my own views.

All join hands
and loop yourself together
with His love.
I’ll ease you in,
melt at my feet.
pool on freezing flagstones
like warm butter.
Tear with the despair,
you didn’t know had ruined you-
blind puppy!
and gravely greet the seven deadly sins
you must flagellate yourself against
and make bumps of rough and blood-teeming flesh,
to leech away the defect.
This affliction looms
a grey and swirling storm
to sweep you from the dirt
where you belong.
Let the tugging anguish
be annihilated from your
fine and faltering soul,
despite the fact that it was it’s only guest.
Let it fly,
transcend from your sweating mortal corpse
in to the hands of the Lord.
Take a dagger
and split your grand enthusiasms
from the navel to the chops.
Let your passion pass away,
all higher thoughts scrubbed to docile mooing.
All join the herd,
to save your souls.
For how dare you even glimpse
your inner raging star?
How dare you ever glimpse
the Overman?


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