6:23 am

by Xx Grieving from the inside outxX   Feb 9, 2018

Whole the rest of the world is sleeping I'm wide awake I can't sleep because every time I close my eye I dream of the way we used to be. We were so in love couldn't go a moment without a kiss or a touch but those days I miss so much. They always say when you get married your relationship changes for the better but in this one all I found was a liar and a cheater. With my health issues all I want is to be held and say it's going to be okay but your not strong enough you say. It's 6:23 in the am while the world sleeping I'm quietly weeping because I'm scared what my future might hold all I want is for you to wake up and hold me and tell me you love me and everything will be okay. But no you lay there dreaming of whatever in your mind because most day I know it's not me at least that the way it seems. but when I dream it's the way we used to be but I guess all I get is 6:23 for a moment I though I heard you say you loved me..


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  • 2 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    What a sad piece this is. However, I enjoyed the use of some subtle rhyme sprinkled throughout the poem.

    Take care and all the best as ever,


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