the Uniform

by Tommy   Apr 12, 2018

Every time I put on this uniform I can't help but think this might be my last day on this Earth last day to hug my daughter or to hug my son and to kiss my wife.... To know at one fatal moment it can all be undone always sits in the back of my mind like a song that can't be unsung . you always hear the know the fears another Soldier gone.. a family left with a lot of tears.. a brother, a sister, a husband a wife, a son or daughter... A family broken cuz a loved one is gone... to think that you won't see that smiling face or they're warm embrace of energy when that person walks in the room is too much for one person to embrace the hardships that they will face...there will always be a empty plate,empty space,due to the circumstances of a fate unseen.. But for some its the cost we pay to wear the uniform that we all love and hate .....


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