What makes u special

by Tommy   Aug 30, 2020

What makes u special
Is it your beautiful face that makes me never want to leave u no matter the time or the place or is it your attractive soft lips that always make me what a taste or is it the warm embrace that I feel whenever we are in the same place.
Or is it your incredible beauty, charm and grace thats always a blessing when I see your face. Or is it your long blone angelic hair that always looks good no matter how it wear it . Or it is your sweet sparkling brown eyes that every time I sit and gazed into them I get the soothing sensations of the gentle breeze of spring
That always puts my mind at ease. Or is it your take charge carefree rockstar personality that never cease to amaze me like a kid at a gumball machine not knowing what color is going to come out but knowing its always going to be good. Or is your big loving caring brave heart that makes u fearless even when all is lost. Or is it that u are different than the rest because u give people like the S on superman chest. But the one thing that makes you so special is you are you and u don't let anyone change that ....
What makes u special


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