Can't wait

by Tommy   Aug 30, 2020

I can't help but wait to see your face and feel your warm embrace when you arrive to my place. Quick kiss so I can get a taste ....While I push back your hair back so I can caress your beautiful face.when u hug me I feel like time stops for a moment while we are interlocked in a lover's embrace as I take your hand and guide u to my place I can't help but admire your beauty and grace when u are in my airspace.i love it when we are face to face no matter the time or place. As I walk u to the fireplace always checking on u to make sure u don't feel out of place while in our safe space as u began to bury your face in your favorite hiding look in to your eyes and i get lost cuz u always catch me by surprise
Like a kid at fair when they win the grand prize. U are a good luck charm that always seems to mesmerize but not hypnotize that gives me butterflies when im next to u .I can't help but wait .


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