No More Pain

by Tommy   Jan 31, 2020

So many sleepless nights so many days I wish the pain would go away
but then one day you walked into my life and all the pain begin to fade
like a breath of fresh air u changed my whole mood no longer was I sad and blue because now I got u .
u are like that new car smell when u buy a new car that no one wants to go away
u are like a warm embrace of the sun so radiant and bright that I wish for u to
always be my shining light, to be at my side to guide me down the darken broken path .
u are like a bottomless pit in the ways that u show love and affection
when I see your smile I forget all the pain that the world may bring
but in my mind I envision us some where lost in time and space ,some place were its always springtime
u are are like a repair shop because u are fixing my broken pieces one step at a
time .
My love for u grows stronger day by day, I never want to forget this feeling
because when I'm with u there's no more pain.


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