by Tommy   Dec 30, 2019

Lets take a walk just u and me
Lets take a drive down to the beach
Lets watch the sunset as we cast off to sea
Lets find a place where lovers only meet
Lets find a land where we can always be free
Lets never wonder or question what's meant to be
Lets dive in with no expectations
Lets let our hearts be the fuel to always keep going
Lets never to try to live without or let go
Lets always try to clean up the mess when its made and not wait
Lets always do the work to solve the problem
Lets always embrace a new pathway in life
Lets always say what need to be said with no hesitation
Lets let do what feels right always
Lets never let the past over run the present
Lets always mend what is broken and need to be whole again
Lets never let this new love fall apart .


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