Rant #1

by Alex Penuelas   Aug 28, 2018

It's amazing how life changes.

Like a couple years ago you may have had someone who you called your best friend, your go to person, the brother from another mother, the one you could tell things you couldn't normally tell other people.

The person you wpuld always hit up, or they will hit you up 24/7.

The person you confided your secrets with.

The person you shared lots of fond memories with.

And now, you don't talk to that person.

And now, neither of you check in on the other.

And now, you both are distant strangers who were once close friends.

It doesn't even always happen because of grievances, or bitter feuds, or disagreements. Sometimes it just...happens.

You start talking less and less, and sooner or later, your paths start to diverge. And then the hangouts are just simple coffee breaks, the phone calls become briefer, and the text messages become shorter. Then it gets to the point that you talk to one another as if you were acquaintances that casually bump into one another at work, except you both work in different departments that seldomly interact with one another.

And the craziest thing about it all is that you guys once were so close, but all of those memories are just sand castles eroding with the wind.

It's worse when you see and realize that it's starting to happen right in front of your eyes...

It really makes you think, if the connections you have now will also suffer the same fate...


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