The Devils Den

by Nicholas W Jones   Nov 6, 2018

Watching as seven heavens,
swirls around me past the devil
beyond the lightning watching as
I stand here alone guided by this
sudden Darkness,
I can hear them silently
devouring my inner thoughts
playing games with my emotions
suddenly feeling there's no floor
below me crying screaming disbelieving
everything happening within the moment here he screams with silent promises take this blade or choose these pills peace of mind
I can show you come to me for God
has forgotten your soul he's left
oh how he's forgotten that love he promised
here I am take my hand to a place
below man come live with me in
a place so low and call it home you've
been here before you escape once but
not anymore you belong with me in
this Devil's Den I'll show you love
I'll give you hope just take your life
hang from this rope there's nothing to
fear no need to cry I've been here with
you from the beginning I've watched
you all these years as you've called to
God to soothe your fears you play with
angels only to fall I've watched you be left alone


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