Here it is

by Nicholas W Jones   Nov 18, 2018

I slowly pause as I tell the truth,
Not because I'm thinking of a lie but because,
Im fighting back an urge to be silent,
To be still in this moment where fear takes hold,
In this moment that fear of vulnerability,
As you tell yourself its okay to let it out Here it is,
That hidden thing that hurts you, the power now given over to someone, that secret or secrets that placed in the wrong hands can destroy you, but Here it is like striping naked exposed on this table, Here it is again that urgent desire to stop, because you want to cry but here an now at this moment you realize that feeling of detachment as if you're standing outside of yourself listening as you show case your flows but just like then you most return fixated on a rush of emotions that you struggle to comprehend here it is suddenly feeling empty but not alone


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  • 1 year ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Found this to be rather compelling and it hits a chord with me.