Sunrise to Sunset

by Hope   Nov 8, 2018

by every bone in my marrow,
dim lit shadows from sunset to sunrise over a weeping willow tree,
I was born free like the aero inside of me down to the last breath from my heartbeat;
as red as flames from the sun,
it's as simple as the passion from my dreams;
dreams to come,
my heart is just as gold;
be golden in my mind as the straight and narrow path;
like the brooks and the meadows;
like the Great Wall of China in the mountains,
the Autumn tint of gold in the Fall;
as gold as dreams as I see the straight and narrow pathways,
walking feet move on,
as I've learned that broken bones stand tall from the saint,
a gold heart from sunset to sunrise;
as passionate as my dreams,
I've learned it all from the sunbeams,
gold from sunset to sunrise from the sky.


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  • 8 months ago

    by CJ Maleney

    This is absolutely captivating