Lost Along The Way

by Hope   Nov 23, 2018

I see you through these broken bones,
the damage is done; have mercy,
yeah; the road to this path is long,
but I'll hold on, staying strong,
but how could you see?...
I'll find my way home through the beauty, I've changed.....
cause no one stays the same;
alone in the end,
forget the ones in the End who've been condemned,
'cause the wheels can only turn to the stairway to heaven,
all I can count are the seven steps and it's all in exile,
someone count my smiles,
'cause I haven't died along the way,
the overturning stones save my life,
you've gone away but don't bother coming back,
you and me have slipped away,
I can feel it in the air tonight,
I see you through broken bones as I stand tall through the fall,
I'll call.....
I'd call...


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  • 7 months ago

    by BOB GALLO

    This is more profound if read right. I like the language.