“Retirement” Is a Fantasy Word by Fantasy Dreamers

by Glenn G   Dec 17, 2018

For twenty-nine years I worked at the same place
From Monday through Friday my alarm went off at 3:45am
And most weekends
I got up showered, drove fifty-five miles
So, I could listen to eighteen machines bigger than my house
As they pounded out parts all day long
Only to get back into my car and drive fifty-five miles home
I did this not out of love for the job
But out of habit and necessity of the money

After four years of “retirement”
I realize there is no such thing
I can take the trimming of the bushes, cutting the grass
Take out the garbage, the house needs painting, can you walk the dog?
You might want to look at the roof, can you help me vacuum?
The dishes need to be done, it’s time to put out Labor Day decorations
Can you get three bales of hay, and some pumpkins for Halloween?
Try to get the Christmas Tree and 4,000 lights up by December 1st
You know Easter is almost here can you find our decorations?
Can you dig out our flag, wreath and other stuff for fourth of July?

But the one thing I will never get used to, is still being woke up at 3:45
Only now it’s by a television whose channels are flipped over and over
And after ten minutes finally settling on one
By a woman who falls back to sleep five minutes later!
And my sleep is shot to hell!


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  • 2 years ago

    by Michael

    I get this Glenn, great piece M :)