Apparently, Our Future Has Passed

by Glenn G   Dec 17, 2018

I try to look forward to tomorrow
While you want to look back on yesterday
I cherish our time alone
While you miss the kids
I want to get rid of the clutter
While you want to stock pile sentiment
I want new furniture
While you are comfortable with the broken in
I want to plan the future
While you want to relive the past
I want to make each day we have left count
While you want to stop counting the days
I don’t want to have wasted what life we have left
While you figure out where life has gone


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  • 1 year ago

    by Brenda

    Glenn, I liked this a lot. It speaks of how a lot of couples can be. One wanting to hold onto the past, afraid of losing those memories, the other wanting to make the most of what time you have left. Well done-