Another Nightmare (Rd)

by Milo   Apr 6, 2019

She walks with the wind.
Her dress is made of a
thousand voices in agony,
endless screams in terror
howling again and again.
She reaches her arms around me
welcoming me to her dark lands,
eyes wide open to horrors
beyond imagining.
I felt no happiness in her embrace,
she is no longer human
or part of this world.
Her face is hidden in sleek dark hair
swaying over and over my soul.
Her rotting stench suffocates me,
the burning coals of fire
comes pouring out of her mouth,
eating on my fears and sadness.
The once child with the dark heart
and silver wings, is all grown up now.
I held her and closed my eyes.
I held her so that the screams might go away.

I woke up still tethered in her arms.
The horrified dreamer
lies dreaming throughout the day.


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Latest Comments

  • 4 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Trying to make sense of our dreams is interesting. Yours are certainly ones worth exploring.
    Nice imagery throughout.

  • 6 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I've read this a few times and I still read this as a perhaps an altered, dark version of you. That tries to cling to you in nightmares yet needs the embrace and acceptance to move on from the horror she sees and can't process. The "stench" part reminds me of a soul who is not moving forward and instead staying, holding on to misery and fears and all the things she feeds on eat at her, too.

    There's emotion in this and almost a gentleness in the latter parts, where you comfort her in your way. Thank you for sharing this with us. You always have the most genuine voice in your poetry and I feel a connection with this piece, a vulnerability that there is truth in our nightmares that seep into our dreams and consciousness in the day.

    • 6 months ago

      by Milo

      Thank you for your reply. Poem is a continuation from angel of silver and lies and it's an ongoing nightmare since childhood. Dreams are a projection of ourselves, sometimes I feel after all these years maybe people want to be afraid, want to have fear. Fear and nightmares compensates a deeper problem within ourselves that outreaches yet limit our current emotional outlets. Sometimes in order to be vulnerable, when we have noone we can trust ourselves to be vulnerable to, we create monsters in our dream so that we can open up. Because noone hugs a monster that chases you. If that make sense.

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