It’s The Journey

by Larry Chamberlin   Apr 15, 2019

What if there were no more mountains:
when I stand out naked to the stars
from that last lofty peak and behold
endless plains stretching far out
to the end of my days and beyond?

Should I leap from the tip of that mount
and blaze in glory all the way down
or take the Sherpa safe trail onward,
knowing each step brings me closer
to the uneventful tomorrows a’ fin?

Younger I believed when they told me
there’d always be another mountain
but lately I’ve seen the tapering off
where range descends to alluvial plain
yet I do not wish to return to past climbs.

So forward I’ve stretched my hands,
pulled up to each crevice painstakingly,
looking back only to remember wonders
experienced in each earlier ascent
with no intent or desire to back-track.

So then, at the bottom of the last hill,
mountains solely behind me,
I'd start out across the plains;
for on the distant side, there is bound
to be a wide and glorious sea to swim.

(Thanks to Miley Cyrus for line 2, stanza 3)

15 April 2029 (# 14).


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  • 2 months ago

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I love the title you have chosen and the mountains and the way you describe it. What would we do if there were no more mountains to climb or move. Life without mountains I have climbed a few so far never made it all to the top. But I always was eager to move them. This poem touched me in a way. I could be totally wrong but that's how I understand it. Thank you for sharing