Clipped Wings Part #1 (Collaboration)

by Maple Tree   Apr 15, 2019

Collaboration written by Maple Tree and Robyn Henderson (Daughter)
Special Note: PnQ site permission to post

I lay upon my spine
within a dark, encased room
shoveling madness upon mother moon
for she has become my Therapist,
stars falling like letters
upon tear stained cheeks
from her sweet soul, they read;

"Haven't been getting medication for cancer,
I'm upset about a lot,
I'm lonely in here mentally"

This mother lays upon a dying birch tree
slowly decaying as the night swallows
my weary soul, each word she writes
opens my heart like a dark abyss from hell.

"I still cant believe I'm in this shit hole,
I love you,please mom write me back,
you are all I got to talk to,
love you mom until next time"

I've become gutted while the night chill
devours me in words-

"Mom I just found out the cancer has spread to
my cervical area, I cant cope right now"

her syllables swallow me, as night rain falls.

"I love you mom, I need you to remember
no matter what happens to me in the future
I'll always be your Birdy even if I go to heaven,
I'll be the first bird you see outside"


Robyn is in Prison and very ill, She and I decided to write a collaboration
together, however it is going to be very long which is why we are splitting it
into parts. Part #1 is starting out with her letters.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 months ago

    by Brenda

    Oh Andrea, this is beautiful! It is soul splitting sad because of what's going on with you and baby bird but touchingly beautiful. I know this took all this for you two to have this relationship, something you will carry with you forever and I know how badly this hurts your heart for her to be going through this. Hugs my friend-

  • 9 months ago

    by Daniel

    The idea behind this collaboration is excellent, and I find your emotive, image heavy poetry, a stark contrast to Robyn’s quotes. It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking experience for us, as readers to get to know Robyn’s story. The vulnerability here is potent, and in future poems, I hope you can find some more catharsis. Your daughter is strong, and as are you, Andrea! x

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