If Only They Knew

by Olabooye Bukola Elizabeth   Jun 13, 2019

If only they knew
She was the pride of her parents
Envied by her friends
Admired by all and sundry
She was described as Charming
Gentle and meek,
Always with a smile
If only they knew
How fake her smile was
If only they knew
The greenade she carried in her heart
Her suicidal thoughts
If only they knew
The skeleton she hid in her cupboard
How she cried herself to sleep
How she dreaded the break of dawn, or how she wished to never see the light of day
If only they knew
The imperfect girl won't be perfect before men.
Her worst nightmare was her alarm clock
She knew she survived the night
She knew she had to get ready for another day
The flawless girl charade
Dancing to the beat of society
She dressed up decently
In her over priced knee length skirt
Her blouse perfectly fitting her body
Her shoes shone of new polish
Her bag defining her charming personality
She smiled, a fake smile
Her perfect dentition on display
How could she ever leave the house without
Her beautiful heart
The heart society praised her of
The heart she was taught to show
The heart that made her flawless
She could never be late
It was a taboo,
An abominable act
To her flawless personality
With her emotions in check
She began her day
Greeting all and sundry
The perfect girl
She got to the office and set to work
If only they knew
How hard it was for her
To concentrate lately
Soon it will be her anniversary
The night she dreaded most
Why couldn't he just let her be
The torture she is weary of
The act she had to put up
How time flies
Yet she couldn't erase his memory
Buried in her thoughts
She was meant to be a carefree child
Her life was meant to be hers
Not controlled by him
If only they knew
How a once sweet little child
Became an Adult so early
How she had to Constantly live in fear
If only they knew
She remembered every detail
Of that night years ago
The beginning of her doom
The end of her innocence
The night which marred her
Bodily written in history
A little girl
The blood
The scars
Her oppressor's oppression
Her voiceless voice
Jerking back to reality
It made her sick
Rushing to the toilet
Her breakfast came gushing out
She was looking pale these days
And people had began to notice
Always talking like they cared
It had to stop
She couldn't afford to be a topic
For their gossip.
Not the same society that made her mute
Hypocrites they are
Always ready to sing his praise
At the sound of his voice
To them he is the people's man
A philanthropist
If only they knew
He was a pedophile
Yet they bring their kids to him
Like he is the messiah
If only they knew better


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    People never know what goes on behind closed doors and it is usually the evil predators who fool people on the outside for the longest. This is a very brave write about a horrendous situation. Sending you a warm hug and my hopes that if not already resolved that there will be a way that it is. Milly x

  • 7 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    People who abuse their power and deceive to abuse deserve the worst retribution possibly.
    Thank you for sharing your awful account.

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