Anchor my mind

by Jump from Life   Jun 29, 2019

I look at all my friends relationships,
How they’re always so loving, kind, caring.
Then I look at mine.
Filled with weird name calling to the point
People ask, are you sure you love him?

But what others don’t understand
Is that while he makes my head spin,
My heart turns into butterflies.
When my brain is plummeting down
The darkest rabbit hole imaginable;
It’s his voice, touch, his strength
That pulls me back up and anchors my mind
To the ground to keep me hear
Instead of using that backup plan.

So while yes, we fight and we fight a lot;
I’m not sure if I can go on if he leaves.
Because that feeling of butterflies
Or that strength of him squeezing me
To make the terror go away,
Or the fact he can tell by my voice
If I’m getting bad again and he knows
Exactly what to do to make the voices of terror
Dissipate from my mind in an instant.
He is my anchor. And he always will be.


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