Wintry Chill

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 4, 2019

Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?
As for me, I no longer feel things.
When did I become so cold? When did I lose myself?
I’ve become so numb and I am paralyzed.

I can barely see the light in this winter,
The trees surrender their life, everything loses their colour.
The wind feels like an ice shard that pierces you.
This bleak, chilly, isolation can kill even the warmest soul.

I gaze up to the sky as I lay here in the empty field,
The desolation is slowly killing the flame of my life.
I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable end.
Suddenly I felt something on my cheeks.

I opened my eyes and I saw something
more beautiful than sparkling diamonds.
It is a gift from above the clouds,
Falling slowly and gently into the ground.

The snow is more beautiful than a thousand gemstones,
It’s covering the ground like a diamond blanket.
Here in this magical, captivating, alluring place
I met someone who helped me through the harsh season.

The sun cannot compare how warm she made me feel,
She kept me warm in this dark, wintry chill.
I could jump from a high spot and not get hurt,
Because she is like blanket of snow ready to comfort anyone.

Winter is ending and the summer is soon to come,
The snow is slowly melting into nothingness.
I am happy to have crossed paths with this beautiful person,
Because she is the one who made it possible

To endure the death decaying season of my life.
And because of her, I have learned to shine bright

In this new season of my life – summer.


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