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Heya, I'm Marc Marvin D. Ortiz :) Heritage: Filipino
Currently living in England.

I really appreciate it if you comment my poems, I always return the favor.

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Latest Poems By Marc Ortiz

  • Have you ever felt like you lost yourself?
    As for me, I no longer feel things...

  • If you can describe friendships in one word,
    How would you tell it to another person...

  • Life is like a never ending maze,
    Sometimes people will make the wrong turn...

  • My fragile soul will never forget that bleak...
    It was the moment that time has frozen still...

  • The moon illuminates my dejected eyes
    My life has been lonely, cold and dark...

Latest Quotes By Marc Ortiz

  • Friends are rewards, the more you do good, the more friends you can have. Now I'm wondering because even though I'm not that good I still have the best reward. You! :)

    Not mine.

    13 years ago
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  • Loving someone means you only want the best for her even if it means swallowing the sad reality that the best just isn't you.

    Not mine. Just want to share it.

    13 years ago
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  • If you love someone but your someone loves someone else, still be the same someone as before because time will come when your someone will realize that you are not just someone but instead, you're the one.

    Not Mine. Just want to share it.

    13 years ago
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