I Want To Be Your Search Engine

by Everlasting   Aug 5, 2019

I want be the search engine
where you could search everything you need
where you could find the answers to the questions that you have
where love, hate, lust, passion are well defined
where you could spend time fooling around
yet connecting and learning
about what we want.

I want to be the search engine
that’s not a boredom to your life
that helps you become wise
with every conversations that we have
that gives you many options
yet you choose the one you want.

I want be that engine
where you can search
from the webs of memories in my mind,
where you could add
more memories into my engine
to help you strive in life.

I want to be the engine
that knows history, geography, archeology,
and anything that ends in -ology
to fascinate your every day routine
that knows about cars, about cooking,
about culture, and also about wars.

I want and I only want,
but for that I need people
to upload that information in my mind.
I cannot do so on my own,
I am engine without motivations
other than the purpose I have in life.

Rather I am a woman
who will not be at your service
because I am not a search engine
I am someone who will share and build
so long as is reciprocated.

Written by: L. L.



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  • 4 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Ooh well said! This is like a poem of two halves. The first feels like you want to be everything to someone, and without the second half, it may have read as a bit 'clingy'? But the 2nd part clarifies that in order to be a whole person and to love another, you must be able to have other people in your life too. Love can't exist in a bubble (just my interpretation) Very thought-provoking and enjoyable :-) x

    • 4 months ago

      by Everlasting

      Thank you! I like your interpretation.

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