Reflections (Collaboration With Daniel)

by nourayasmine   Jul 28, 2019

Women like you
are lonely.

Loneliness is sudden
and engulfing. A ravenous beast
rushing to ravish you
in the most crowded rooms.

Leering at you on street corners,
tugging at your shirt,
crouching in every alleyway,
clawing from the shadows
at some exposed leg.

Loneliness is the relentless eyes
that stalk you, as you make
your life choices. They aren't actually
your life choices. They're
reasons and justifications to
why you'll be slu t-shamed.

You give birth,
you give love,
you give time,

and they morph into monsters.

Loneliness is knowing that
you’re a work of art;

the kind of art
everyone wants to touch,
and not understand.
Knowing that everyone
would rather bite your lips,
devour your sacredness,
swallow you whole.

Loneliness is the ebbing promise
of togetherness, snatched from
your hands. The voice that
soothes and cradles your
dreams. Leaves
you sobbing on an empty

Then, loneliness is
the voice hissing
in your ear:
"there's no room for love,
not for you, at least,
not in this cruel world.”


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Once an Angel

    Thank you, for using your words to tell this painful story. Thank you for giving some of my history the words I could not.

  • 4 years ago

    by Everlasting


  • 4 years ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Loneliness is the ebbing promise
    of togetherness, snatched from
    your hands.
    The whole thing is brilliant but this line is like an epiphany ... being alone when you don't have anyone by choice is a totally different feeling to being alone when you expected to be with someone. I hope we see this on the front page next week to showcase the talent on this site. Well done both of you :-) x

  • 4 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    im sorry Ben,

    I had too

    I read this collaboration and I fell in love with each and every line.

  • 4 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    I do hope I am able to get there first later when nominations are replenished so I have the privilege of nominating this outstanding piece. Truly wonderful writing and entirely seamless.

    Well done guys

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