Beauty Lives On

by Mark   Oct 15, 2019

How can you view within your glass, an end?
When beauty yours, bestowed another make,
What godly blessed in you have gracious send;
By form, what substance yours had then remake,
That one be two and two - your beauty's sight;
Suffice your lens revise the mirror's gloom;
To view your years rewind and youth's delight;
As you're to beauty as your kin do bloom.
But worry not that I can't claim the same;
How pretty more your gift to give than mine,
For shame on time if your decrease, became;
Depriving dwelling eyes, your beauty's line:

Tho' I will wither 'round the clockwise bend
That you shall not, makes time a sweeter friend!


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  • 7 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Lovely sonnet, Mark.
    All the best

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