You'll Miss Me

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Oct 17, 2019

You'll miss me
When no one else seems to care
Because your attitude
Is what got you there.

You'll miss me
When you need a hug
But you'll never get one
Because of the stubborn grave you dug.

You'll miss me
When you start to fall
But you pushed everyone away
So you have no one to call.

You'll miss me
When you want to give up
And no one hears your silent screams
You'll wish you had my love.

You'll miss me
When you've finally had enough
Of letting your ego control you
At least it wasn't the drugs..

I never wanted it to be like this
I just wanted you to understand
But you kept pointing the finger
When I thought you were my friend

I know I turned my back on you
When we could've probably talked it out
But I never could get ahold of you
Unless my problems never came about

There was always an excuse
To why you couldn't answer the phone
It didn't matter how hard I struggled
I faced my issues alone

I know you have been through hell
But I've always held you down
All the nights I tried to dry your tears
I couldn't bare to see you frown

Though sometimes I wish we could go back
It's way too late for an apology
Especially when you hit so low
Wishing death upon my family

I feel so sad for how bitter you are
You clearly have no remorse
I should've listened to everyone who warned me
That you would be just another thorn

You're just another knife
Sticking out of my back
I really wished you the best
Now you don't even have that

But you'll miss me
As the days go on
You'll eventually wonder
Where did we go wrong

You'll miss me
Though you act like you don't
I could say the same but I speak truth
So I won't..

You'll miss me
When the days get darker
And you're needing some light

You'll miss me
When you end up alone
And realize I was right

You'll miss me
When no one else seems to care
Because your attitude
Is what got you there.


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