Be Different

by BeachBlunt   Oct 17, 2019

A Lot of people like to think that I'm the crazy one
I think I just have a different outlook on life
How could you possibly know what I went through
Or all the demons I fight
You don't know the bridges I've burnt
Or the mountains I've climbed
You don't know the lessons I've learned
So many different times

Pain changes you..
It changes your perspective.
It makes you want to bury yourself
Like you cannot be accepted
It changes all you use to know
As if the old you dead and gone.

It makes you feel misunderstood
Like nobody can relate
You'd be surprised just how wrong you are
Because everyone struggles
We just don't struggle the same

So put down your pride
Let go and let God
Cry then boss up
It's time to move on

Open your heart more
Be kind to others
Don't let the hurt of yesterday
Demolish your true colors

Help your brothers and sisters
This world is really cold
So be the sunshine you wish to have
That some have never known


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  • 2 years ago

    by Brenda

    A lovely sentiment to just be kind to others for you dont know their struggles.