The Coming of the Lord

by Larry Chamberlin   Oct 31, 2019

What host do these people present?
In royal carriage, Greyhound Bus,
do I enter my fiefdom in the desert
north and east of Las Vegas.

Plumbers and electricians
ply their services from shops
once occupied by gunsmiths
and the local undertaker.

No one turns out for my arrival
nor do they even take note
that rent now flows my way
since they send it all the same .

What do I do with it?
If I sell it, no one will buy
wholesale the whole lot
precious little is it worth.

I could sell it to the residents
if they are even interested
but their sons and daughters
do not stay in this wasteland.

Without even announcing
who I am or why I've come
simply buy lunch at the hotel
take the next bus out forever.

[Prompt: You are suddenly notified that your parents, who have now passed, own a town in the middle of nowhere and you are asked to visit. What do you do?]


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