Broken Hands

by Hope   Nov 16, 2019

It's all said in the last word of my song;
breaking down every memory in my view,
hands let go with the broken;
hanging with my last goodbye,
it all turns to ashes in the wind;
beaten down a dark path,
follow me to the end,
and you'd find a stranger,
when you lie;
you're rested by the masked truth,
and it's all in my view,
strangers eye to eye;
walking down a beaten path;
hands left with the broken,
it's always been a mistake to look on the inside,
cry me a river,
it's at the bottom of the liquor of dreams,
so, rewind the breath you breathe,
it's the cry of a bittersweet symphony,
tell me goodbye, stranger,
a bittersweet farewell from broken hands,
we fall like the seasons;
breaking away,
I'll sing Hallelujah for the words left unsaid,
tell me everything in a bittersweet goodbye,
ashes follow me down the veins of my wrist,
I'm a little broken in the words of my symphony.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 years ago

    by Everlasting

    Out of curiosity,
    Are some of these lines lines from songs?
    I didn’t find much connection between some of the lines. Other than that, I felt the last line

    I’m a little broken in the words of my symphony

    Summarizes the content and intend.

    Thanks for sharing

    • 2 years ago

      by Hope

      no, they aren't lines from a song.