What is Love

by Glenn G   Dec 2, 2019

What is love, if not the one thing to fill our emptiness?
What is love, if not to fill the part of us that lacks hope?
What is love, if not an outlet to share the best of ourselves?
What is love, if not a blessing from God to those who may not be worthy?
What is love, if not the best gift God has given mankind.

I have been in love many times, but it took many times to find out I have really only been in love once. Those I thought I loved I lost.
The one I really loved I never had.

Isn't that how most of us are?
We weave a web that catches the misery.
While the happiness seems to slip by.


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  • 5 months ago

    by Everlasting

    I think of love as something universal. Love to me is helping and wanting the best for anyone per se. But I enjoyed reading your questions.