Let Me Leave You

by Anne Moore   Dec 3, 2019

I can feel the wight
In your breath
I can feel the distance
Between your words
Saying you don't want
This anymore
Even if you don't
Actually say it

I feel It

I feel it when you
Say in that voice that
Implicates dirty thoughts
"All I want is you"

I feel it when you let the
Silence gets too thick
And I have cut it with an
"I miss you"

I feel it when you
Hang up the phone with
A bye instead of an
"I love you"

Unlike you used to-
You used to say it after
Every other sentence

And I guess I get it
A month short of a year
And you're bored
You gotta be

So let me say the
Two most dreaded words
We promised we would never say

Let me say them
So I won't be allowed to cry
Because you can't miss
Somebody you willingly left
You just can't miss them


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  • 7 months ago

    by Anne Moore

    Line one is supposed to be weight, not wight! lol, my mistake guys- sorry!

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