by Trampled Angel   Dec 8, 2019

The You I knew once
You’d never give me anything too hard,
to much for me to handle,
to withstand,
to come through.

I had you by my side,
to carry me when my legs didn’t work anymore.

that You and I parted ways -
with promises broken
and a heart torn,
because it become clear
who I am made as
is someone you do not love.

I stopped looking for You.

Recovery told me I had to find You,
either again or for the first time,
because I could not defeat addiction on my own.
So in my fear and doubt,
I tried to track You down, again.

The new You is strange
is hoped for, and not yet quite believed in.
I need You so I hope you are there.
That’s all I know.

My health is failing,
my heart is breaking,
my fear is shaking,
and I find I am praying
that it’s still true,
that no matter what there is to go through,
I will come out okay.

Again, I seek the promise that You’ll be there,
to help me,
to carry me,
to leave me not alone.
In my needing hour I find myself wanting to pray,
because I want to hope you’ll be here,
and that it’s still true
that I can get through
and anything else
you send my way.

Please be there,
let me matter to you.

Please, don’t leave me here alone.


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