Where's Christmas

by Glenn G   Dec 26, 2019

Christmas always makes me miss my mom and dad.
Two people who taught us the importance of Jesus but also spoiled my brother and I with toys, love and family joy.
Christmas in my family was not just a holiday but an end to one good year and the beginning of another.
I don't remember ever having a dred of Christmas.

As I have gotten older and watch the insanity at the stores and see people cuss each other out over the last television, I can't help but wonder if this is the same Christmas I knew.

The family I have left has seem to have created traditions I don't recognize. It never fails that one year I will have an uncle and aunt break out in a fight and the next year two others.

In my own family, my five sons each have to have their separate dinner times because this one is mad at that one, one daughter-in-law is mad at another daughter-in-law.

And there is always that one person who has spent all year wrapping their self-imposed misery just so they can unwrap on Christmas day.

I can't help but wonder what the hell have we done to Christmas and think what my mom and dad would say if they were alive.


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