Oh Hearty Lover

by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Dec 27, 2019

Oh hearty lover
Please give a reason to love
A needing to be loved
A desire to hug and touch not you but your soul
A want to cradle in the comfort of your bosom
To sip the warm tears of joy off your oval face
To get intoxicated in our giggles of romantic pleasure
O dearest hearty lover
Persists not in doubts and yield to my love
Yield to my trust
Give me a reason to love
I'll give back to you a thousand reason to be loved
Pellucid is my heart that yearns for you
Sincere is the call of my tongues howling lone cries for your intimacy
Beautify my life with the colours of your love
Permit me be the sun to your day
And you the moon to my night
And just another laughter, a reason more to love you
Just another youthful smile, a witness to the heavens you are mine
I truly love you, in subconsciousness you are fragile
To your fragility I give my tender care.
Give me a reason never to doubt you
I'd rather live in this moment of your love than a thousand years without love
I'll rather love you in every seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months , and years than be disperse as a lover.
Love is a powerful force
Making the impossible possible
Oh hearty lover recipocate my love!
Love is a powerful emotion that can move mountains if reciprocated.
Oh hearty lover!
Give me everything
To love someone is nothing
If someone loves you it's something
But having a mortal reciprocate your undying affection is everything.
Oh hearty lover!


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