Forever broken

by Tommy   Aug 5, 2019

You walked in my life and changed my train of thought. Is it something in your walk or the just the way you talked that set you apart from the rest who have tried to build a nest ? When I'm with you, my mind is at rest because the way you make me feel is a relief, like a aching pain before the warm compress. In just a short period of time you showed me you're different from the rest, which makes me think you have all the answers to the test, but just like a flickering light, you never know if you can be turned on and off and the gate to your heart closes for me to never see again, like a sailor at night I need your light to show me the way
But just like an aircraft I'm left unattended. I would crash into the jagged rocks of life and realize it was never meant to be. You used me like a stepping stone to get to where you wanted to be and left me feeling hopeless sad and forgotten and betrayed Forever to walk alone and forever to be broken.


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