The Quiet Button

by Trampled Angel   Jan 6, 2020

It’s loud here,
in this place they call a mind.
they’re speeding fast -
a constant pour,
like a waterfall
designed to drown me.

I’m dripping wet,
and shivering cold,
shipwrecking on the growing sea.
As a tiny song sings
there’s a another end for me.

There is a quiet button
somewhere around here.
It’s covered in tape,
layered with dust,
of three long years,
it’s LED light a sad, red glow.

I drag at the tape.
Gummy with time and decay
it fights me,
a defense against the button
with the tiny red light.

The tape is gone,
the dust disturbed,
it’s residue caked to my fingers,
a witness I was here by the button today.

Nausea sweeps in
as the button’s glow
dominates all my vision,
replacing thought to obsession.
My heart beats inside my ears
churning the chaos to fullest volume.

Gripping for my life,
I stand in the downpour
and weather this stormy mind
with the bravery sown into my soul.

But time,
the wicked creature,
patiently cackled until I am spent.
The downfall keeps flowing
As fall to my knees at last.

In the corner of my eye,
the red button gleams,
still waiting,
it’s light winking it’s promise
to quiet the storm for awhile.

I reach for it,
with frigid finger tips,
and hover there
as the storm rages on.


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