For the Shattered

by Jack Nightengale   Feb 17, 2020

This goes out to all those who've been broken,
Left alone in the dark with words unspoken.
Feelings that you keep inside so that no one can hurt you,
Emotions overflowing with silent scream that you can drown to.

People pretend to know you when they don't have a clue,
Never giving you a chance but they swear they knew.
All the pain and the suffering you endure,
Feeling like a sadist to the pain that acts like lure.

Got no one to turn to for comfort or shelter,
Because the one you thought you could up and left you.
The hearts been ground to dust with no hope of being whole,
But, you wear a mask with a smile to hide it all from the world.

You're trapped inside this loneliness,
In a world with no light and nothing close to bliss.
The real you locked in a cage and the monster slowly slips out,
I know you nodding your head reading this, cause you know what it's all about.

You're tired of being rejected, used and abused,
angry at yourself for being a fool.
Tired of holding a heart that's been torn, bruised and battered,
This here is the life of the shattered.

Just like you, I'm hurting because I've been a fool.
Twelve years, I had been waiting too.
What I want doesn't exist in this life,
Wish I could say I would get it at the end of this knife...


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Jump from Life

    Beautiful piece. The sheer amount of utter heartbreak it easily felt with this writing. It flows good, the syntax is personable. Extremely relatable, maybe a little too relatable at least for me simply due to past experiences. I love it though. Keep writing.

  • 8 months ago

    by Nicholosa Torres

    Very deep and hits home for me cause of a dear friend of mines, she keeps falling for wrong men’s.. and it hurt me cause of our close friendship. You write is very touching always inspirational keep on do you Nightengale :-)

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