by Aearion   Mar 29, 2020

If you can't do what you do,
You must do what you can
Words of a poet in these dark times
Lyrics to the people to help them pull through

You may not yet see it
You may not fully understand
Love is the answer
To help survive these dark times

Rather it be your neighbor
Or a person you just met
Maybe even family you tend to forget
Love is the answer, love is the way

Maybe tell them your feelings
Tell them your thoughts
For it may be what they need
To help them carry on

In this time of darkness
In this time of loss
The small things in life
Are what we may miss the most

Keeping ourselves together
By keeping us apart
Strange as it may seem
Will leave its mark

For today I will love you
Tomorrow the same
In our time of darkness
It’s love we must gain

Whether it be tomorrow or
Maybe a long time from now
As long as there is love
We will make it some how

If you can’t do what you do,
You must do what you can


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Latest Comments

  • 4 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    An inspiring piece, indeed! Such genuine, heartfelt verses that we all need to hear and remind ourselves of.

    "Keeping ourselves together
    By keeping us apart"

    - Love the contrast here, but the importance of heeding these suggestions/regulations, it shows we care about others, about our neighbors.

    "Strange as it may seem
    Will leave it’s mark"
    - "it's" should be "its"

    The last two lines were great on their own, especially in understanding we can all try to do what we can. Even when we're limited in these times, and we can't easily do what we may usually do, we can try in other ways to reach others. To love. To connect. To spread hope.

    Lovely! <3

    • 4 years ago

      by Aearion

      Thank you for the kind words. In today's world we need to do what we can to help one another with what is going on right now. Thank you as well I made a correction from it's to its. Peace and love my friend.

      "If you can’t do what you do,
      You must do what you can"

      Share that message with anyone you can