by Adastra   Apr 7, 2020

It is natural for a person to be dissatisfied with themselves.
Some ease into this intrusion early, some cast it aside
like kicking off an unwanted burr. Yet others let this
parasite gestate and flower, until their wanting for
purpose, left unsated, let it ripple through their
neurons and consume them. An obsession.

The Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is a parasitic tropical
fungus that gestates in the brain of ants. The ant
wanders aimlessly for its life's duration, before
rooting itself to a plant and erupting into spores.
Cross-species transmission is not known, but the pores
of the human brain crawl with other worms and contagion.

[- a savior lives to prey upon that rot - ]

For you, it manifested as a slow-bleeding catharsis,
anxieties falling together - siphonaptera keening.
So aimless wandering for you was both a frustration
as much as it was the balm that healed the cracks;
pointless yet with purpose in that the finality was
treading distance - set destination irregardless.

Knowing the number of footsteps left to tread,
do you crumble to a stop - knowing that your soul
is the womb praying deliverance to your death - or do you
trail behind your feet, now seeing the station ahead?
To live is to know that you are the host to a still-beating world.
You may choose what matters most to you and walk this winding path.


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  • 5 months ago

    by hiraeth

    I've been waiting for you to post something, and you delivered! This is easily favourite piece by you so far. I absolutely love the parallel you've built between a dissatisfaction with one's self, and that parasitical fungus; it builds for some really strong imagery. You're methodical in the way you approach the pacing of this poem, with a carefully selected diction, it's apparent to anyone that you took time to really craft these verses and stanzas. I'm sad that I'm out of nominations, and hope this does get nominated!

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