by Adastra   Apr 9, 2020

Ceramic tea bowl -
It had broken in the storm.
With the patience that love only knew,
I picked up the pieces
And healed its scars with gold.


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  • 4 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I, too, love the concept and think it's incredibly humbling and beautiful. My family has a book on it, and it seems like such a way to connect with one's self. I think some people have the tendency to refer to something as broken and in need of fixing, when one's definition of "broken" can be so far from reality. Broken does not mean defeated for good, nor does it mean rendered useless in my eyes. I love how you tied patience into this, because love requires patience and care and understanding that perfection may not be attained, but there can be mending, healing in whatever form. In such simple verses, you brought out such a needed message. Beautiful, truly.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • 4 years ago

    by prasanna

    Kintsugi/Kintsukuroi is a beautiful concept of mending the broken with gold lacquer, and acknowledging that the item is more beautiful for having been broken and repaired then before. It's a concept that resonated deeply with me, and you did it justice, and it can be summed up mainly in this verse:

    "With the patience that love only knew".

    You need a certain kind of patience that only comes with love to take it upon yourself to do the mending, the patience to gather all the fragments, set the lacquer and let it harden till it's whole again. A certain kind of patience that fights the urge/instinct to just replace the broken item with another, in this case a tea bowl.

    Seriously, well written!

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