Where we are (rap)

by Michael   Apr 22, 2020

Where are we right now, just give us the truth;
but you can't give the truth, the truth is, you just don’t know how!
What is this...?
the human race. From where did it come?
A mistaken false start!? Where it won't be re-run!
A misfit migration, from an alien conception-
experimentation, or a touch, of meddled damnation.
We fight one another, before, we even get, to know each other-
not to mention the slaying and dark ethnic cleansing!
Your money is power, and fortune from greed,
but so many small mouths, in this world, you don’t feed
where hearts of mourners continue to bleed. While you lead!
We begin to be stranded, on an island of graves. Branded
and stamped by the error of ways. Leaving us to live days.
In the heart of this maze. Confused and lost in a gaseous haze.
Deafened by the monotoned voices, that just pretend we have choices
but just another pointless conformist. Just do as we're told,
leaving us to fend in this peculiar cold. Which will be proved,
and already foretold. Maybe. Maybe never, keeping the truth locked away
Forever. And ever. Each day that goes by, we cry and more people die!
Your money is worthless and won’t help, at all, as we’re all left high and dry.
All this will be remembered someday, like other wars but - in some other way.
Those wars have gone, and this one now rules. Like carriers of drug-trafficking mules!

There are still a few of us, that do make a fuss,
but always a minority, struck - to the back of the bus.
Being the back could well be the front. But we’ll be the ones
that they will start to hunt!!

So what’s done is done, and that’s where we are-
Just waiting for now, for what is to come!


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  • 7 months ago

    by Hellon

    Wow!! I love rap and I do love this...I will have to come back to this again but for now...nominated!!

    • 7 months ago

      by Michael

      thanks Hellon, and for your nomination :) M