The Epicurean Paradox

by Mark Spencer   May 5, 2020

Philosophy in ancient times,
Was held in high regard.
The insights of antiquity,
The present can’t discard.

Such a sage was Epicurus,
His views were quite astute.
His questions in reference to God,
Weren’t easy to refute.

If God’s willing, but not able,
He’s not omnipotent.
If He’s able, but not willing
Then He’s malevolent.

Is the Lord able and willing?
Then whence comes evil’s horde?
Is He not able nor willing?
Then why call him the Lord?

The logic of Epicurus
Was both clever and sly.
He had all the earthly answers,
But none that were on high!

For evil isn’t nature’s force,
Alone it has no voice.
Free will has charted evil’s course!
It only lives through choice!

It is like that mighty mountain,
That even God can’t move.
It’s sealed within a covenant
That cannot be removed!

If God wished to wipe out evil,
I’m telling you, He can.
To terminate the root of sin,
He’d put an end to man!

But God embodies righteousness,
The essence of His Word!
The virtue of His covenants
Is clear, and never blurred.

Because of this, the human race
Are keepers of the choice,
That makes good seem attainable,
And gives evil a voice.

But this will not decide their fate,
This mountain cannot last.
Another contract signed in blood,
Absolves our sinful past!

And so the mountain will be moved,
That too, will be our choice!
When it no longer blocks our view,
Creation will rejoice!


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