The American Dream (Laughable)

by H. Elizabeth   May 12, 2020

Happy families are something that
only happen in dreams or movies,
and wishing for a happy life
for our children seems impossible.
Unreachable, just like the American dream,
but hey - Congrats on A Nuclear Family.
Let’s all live in big houses with big money
with big jobs and big, happy families.
Seems a little hard to achieve with a
cheating/abusive/manipulative partner
breathing down our necks and
watching our every move,
being groomed to behave a certain way.
Seems a bit unrealistic to obtain
the life we want so badly
when there’s no steady income and
no work and we live in a failing economy.
There is doubt imbedded in our hearts.
How do we reach those dreams?
We don’t. It’s bullshxt.
We keep going in circles,
Carving a rut and digging our own grave. It’s bullshxt.
What’s the fxcking point of chasing
After something that we will never reach?
The only salvation is when it’s finally
Over. That’s bullshxt.


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