anatomy of time.

by hiraeth   May 23, 2020

time swims non-linearly in a vast ocean.
i bring palms together, and cup the water
that is brimming of you (again), and in
the time it takes to motion it towards
my face – i blink, seeing only your
poems swirling into constellations
that dim the full moon into obscurity.
my heart – a war drum, beats rapidly
as my mouth waters as the tongue
nocks the first syllable of your
name -i'm young(er) again.
your voice fills the void with
warmth, its summer again.
we’re speaking. i become undone
at the seams, teeming with hope,
the sadness hasn’t flattened my
heart yet. you're gone again.
the first syllable kisses wind,
the second and third follow
like the intro to a symphony.
the skin embraces the water –
it’s refreshing, a moment
complete in itself.

what constitutes a moment


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