by Glenn G   Jun 7, 2020

A mother takes her son to Walmart and as they walk by the toys he throws a temper tantrum and wants the new star wars set.
The mother explains to her son that they don't have the money right now. Maybe for his birthday.
This logic does nothing to calm her son down and in the check out aisle he says he wants a Hershey bar and some M & M's.
She explains that he hasn't had his lunch yet so he can't have them, he throws another major temper tantrum embarrassing her in front of everybody. Called her a mean.

Mother number 2 has the exact same problem with her boy, during the temper tantrum for the star wars toys, she reaches down and gives him a good butt spanking. When they get to the cash register he starts a tantrum about candy and she says do you want another spanking and he quietly says no mom and calms right down.

For the last 9 days we have had people throwing a temper tantrum because a man was unjustly murdered. Even though justice prevailed it did not stop the tantrum. Did we "spank" them as they burnt buildings? Clear the streets so they wouldn't loot people's property? No, we let them continue, gave in to their demands, and taught them how to get what they want next time. Damn shame!


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