King George: King of Anarchy

by Glenn G   Jul 3, 2020

King George rules overs his minions
in the land of Anarchy.
His land is scattered here and there
in a place other countries call Utopia.
This King is unlike others, he seeks anonymity.
From his throne he makes plans to disrupt Utopia.
His endless bounty of money carefully dispersed for it's most benefit.
He has false articles printed in the newspaper to sow seeds of dissent.
He has a payroll of employees as speakers.
He and his fellow Anarchist's leaders sit around a map of Utopia mapping out there
Barking orders he says, send the confused to Minneapolis tonight and have them destroy all they can.
The next night split them up, send some to Seattle and some to Philadelphia, hide some malatov cocktails and bricks where they can find them.
The next night he barks orders that, we need to convince them to tear down statues, tell them the one where Lincoln is telling the young black boy to stand up and join him as an equal is really a white man looking down on black people.
Then destroy all statues that celebrate the end of slavery so the memory of the 500,000 American's who died can be forgotten.
Then to complete our plans we must remove the police department's, they will continue to fight against Anarchy
He rolls up his maps of Utopia and smiles.
He spends the next several weeks watching the news as parts Utopia are burning, buildings being looted and defaced, statues are coming down, the police are being asked to leave by their own Mayor's and innocent people are being injured

King George sits on his throne thinking, soon all of Utopia will belong to Anarchy and my kingdom will be huge.


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